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Here at Highlight, we are proud of offer creative entertainment taking you through from concept to delivery and final execution. We organise a range of events from festivals, to weddings, to corporate launches, promotions and other celebrations. Our focus is on representing the leading entertainers in live comedy, music and variety, whilst also hosting a variety of other live events including burlesque, cabaret, fire jugglers and much, much more.

Corporate events

We organise high-end corporate events.

We have many years experience in the entertainment industry and our understanding of how it works allows up to successfully manage special corporate events with entertainment that is both high quality and professional. There are packages we can tailor to your requirements or a bespoke service to precisely achieve what you want from your event. We offer a free consultancy meeting so we can discuss how we can help you.


However large or small your event, we can take full responsibility for seamless entertainment for your guests. Events differ in many ways, so contact us for a free consultation so we can get to know you and your event to find the best solution for you.

Highlight’s entertainments are immersive, memorable event experiences and we have worked with high profile brands, festivals, corporate clients, small and medium sized enterprises, venues and private clients in the UK, with particular focus on Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds and the cultural capital of London, the borough of Camden.

We have experience in the organization of romantic dinners with the special participation of popular artists and athletes with special programs with different games which include all people of the event. These events are preferred for special days of the year. Whether you like to be with your friends, family or co-workers over for dinner parties, to watch the big game, or enjoy your loved one at a special event, we have all the Valentines ideas for him or her, ideas for the most important events of your life.

With our experience we can provide quality entertainment that fits your requirements across various budgets, with established as well as up-and-coming comedians, musicians, cover artists and variety professionals.

We strongly believe that providing you the an entertainment event is one of our core values.

Entertainment is at the heart of everything we do and we pride ourselves on our good relationships with venues, designers, producers, marketeers and other experienced professionals to design, produce, staff and curate your brief to bring your entertainment concept theme or story to life. This allows us to ensure the smart use of your budget for maximum effect and enjoyment.

Our services start from the simple booking of talent through to presenting you with options to conceptualise your vision, or an entire entertainment packages, whichever suits your needs and objectives. We bring to life the imagination to create inspirational shows. Our aim is to be the best live entertainment production company in the UK by creating unforgettable live experiences that connect people on a significantly fundamental level.

Live entertainment

The thrill of live entertainment as a communal, participative event creates long-lasting memories that is impossible even in this digital age. Add in some humour along the way and you’ll be improving not just your event, but the health of you and your guests too.

Book your annual conference dates now.

We have made conferences more exciting and energising with entertainers that provide a unique touch that will integrate your attendees with the performers and create a personalised experience. Business conferences can be hard work, so music or a comic act can reignite flagging energy levels, consider it as ‘dramatic caffeine’.

You can add a more personal touch to a conference by hiring entertainers to interact with your conference guests, to build anticipation as well as being an unexpected and unusual welcome. It will also encourage delegates to participate and network as laughter and excitement compel delegates to want to be a part of things in an atmosphere where anything is possible.

Attracting investors or donors

Highlight is able to show you live entertainment is not an unnecessary add-on to your event, particularly if you are trying to attract investors and important personnel to your convention. Excellent entertainment is necessary to set your convention apart from others’ in your market and can be the difference between an empty convention hall, and one teeming with excited, interested investors or donors.

Whilst Highlight makes the entertainment production look easy, creating and curating entertainment for a convention is never simple. Pairing with us can save you time, energy, money and perhaps save you from creating something amateur.

Pairing with Highlight creates a unique experience for your guests, where interaction happen with more ease with potential partners when your entertainment needs are handled by a talented and reliable production company like us who promise seamless entertainment even if the running order is delayed or dining overruns.

The Cities in UK Where We Have Venues

We alreday have venues in 4 different cities in England and we hope to expand soon in Ireland and Scotland.

We work with a variety of venues to showcase your entertainment. From intimate events for smaller groups to theatres holding up to 1000 people, we have the freedom to get each project from start-up to a masterfully created and meaningful entertainment experience. We have worked with blue-chip companies to launch a new product, revived an existing brand, or simply mesmerised guests at a celebratory function.

We have bases in the amazing cities of Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds and London. Our relationships are strong with venues including the Glee comedy club in Birmingham where some of the best in the business will have you roaring with laughter until your sides hurt. There is audience interaction if you want it, or comedic story-telling that will both surprise and delight.

Award winning variety acts at the Stereo venue or the unusual setting of St Luke’s church in Glasgow can include award winning acts and musicians from the Edinburgh Fringe Festivals past and present. Whether you choose a tribute act for Abba or AC/DC or a captivating fire show by Highlights seasoned performers, combining movement, music and flames in a slick and impressive package showcasing the performers’ skills, you are sure to raise excitement levels and have a lot of fun.

Leeds has a diverse cultural arts and music scene that we can tap into whether you want world music or two hours of a cabaret extravaganza with a variety of entertainers from dancers, singers and comedians.

And then there’s the cultural heart of London – Camden, where you can host your event at the Camden Academy (previously Barfly), Dingwells or the Etcetera theatre. Surprise your guests with famous faces, great tunes to sing along to, with food and beverages to cater to all if you wish. All you need to do is get in contact.

The air around the festival seemed to be filled with some kind of magical buzz. The vibe of the event is hard to put to words but was a seemless combination of charismatic tranquillity and vibrant partying.
The Highlight have been organizing a great variety of concerts, stand up comedy, karaoke and other events for our company. Comedy nights are definitely my favourite. They are a really great laugh! The comedians are the funniest!
Joy... a feast for the eyes, for the ears, for the feet, feet eager to prance, strut and spin. It was ludicrously good.

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